Monday, October 21, 2019

Pink Drink Founder Tarl Robinson Speaks to a Hungry Audience

If social media memes have proven anything, it’s that a company’s stance on non-product related issues can create a well-spring of support or a firestorm of negative publicity. This explains, in part, why the popularly termed “Pink Drink” is garnering an army of advocates who are passionate about both the products’ results and the company’s focus on feeding the hungry, advocating for under-privileged women and breast health. 

For the founder and CEO of Plexus Worldwide, Tarl Robinson, network marketing has always been about something deeper than the big incentive trips and car programs that the media seems to focus on. In his 2018 keynote address at the Plexus Legacy Convention, Tarl remarks, “I remember being 9 years old… in my mom’s weekly opportunity meeting. I’d listen to people’s stories; stories of how network marketing was changing lives, changing their health, changing their financial situations… it made me realize that legacy starts with hard work,” he says. Reflecting on the “Pink Drink, he adds “In 2009 we introduced Plexus Slim to our 1000 ambassadors. We began to build the legacy. And as the company grew we started to realize that something special was happening. none of us could’ve imagined that in 10 years we’d have so much effect on people’s lives—their health and their financial well-being.” Now, Tarl and the Ambassadors are broadening the focus to paying that legacy forward in other impactful ways, including aid to programs around the globe. 

The company works with the Starfish Project to provide holistic care programs for exploited women in Asia; helping them receive vocational training, healthcare, shelter, counseling, and educational opportunities that equip them to build successful, independent lives. The project even training in things like literacy, math, and computer skills.

Plexus Worldwide also works with Feeding America, donating funds equivalent to one meal for each serving of Plexus Lean sold.  

“Knowing I’m making a tangible difference through providing meals for the hungry and equipping women for success who would otherwise be helpless, or worse, hopeless, makes me even more proud to be an Ambassador for products that have changed my own life,” says an anonymous Plexus ambassador. 

Big-impact products are often the initial attraction to Plexus, and the product line has a high appeal in the marketplace right now. That’s because “leaky gut syndrome” as well as “low carb” and “keto”-focused ways of eating are at the forefront of popular health topics, and the company’s product line addresses both. 

This means the independent sales force is finding an eager audience, and when product loyalists discover that the company’s mission and ideals line up with what they’re passionate about, they often believe it makes sense to more closely align with it. 

That’s why so many customers, formerly content to just refer the product to others, have decided to become Ambassadors. Now they earn cash when those referrals make purchases. But best of all, they know they’re making a difference not just in their friends’ and family’s well-being, but in the lives of those who are hungry in the U.S. and for impoverished and exploited women on the other side of the globe.  

“I never thought direct selling was for me. I hated the idea of being ‘That pushy woman.’ When I saw what a difference the Pink Drink made for me, and what an amazing impact the company was making in the lives of people who truly needed help, I discovered it was easy to share my excitement without being pushy,” says another anonymous Plexus ambassador. “Plexus Slim is a nutritional supplement that helps with gut health, glucose metabolism and weight management. Plexus Worldwide is a company that makes a difference in the lives that never even know about their incredible products.”

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